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Your personal FITness Present!


December 6, 2015 – FIT Gift Card

Here we are and it is December already! The Holiday season is in full swing. Oh my gosh, here comes Christmas. If you’re the average person and get some anxiety when you realize you need a present for a long forgotten loved one or friend, well then FIT has the solution! Give the GIFT of FITness this year!

Now one might think, “If I buy them personal training sessions it’s an insult.” Oh no, that is not what they will think at all. They will think, “Oh my goodness how awesome! I wanted that so badly but was just too cheap and lazy to go through with it. What an amazing present.” The gift of FITness is actually the perfect gift for everybody, I think. And I like how I think!

So to answer your question, YES we do have FITness Presents in box or envelope form for the stocking stuffer in you. Oh and again, it’s December already so start thinking about how you can truly impress this year! There is nothing better than the very popular, very impressive, very affordable, very cool gift of FITness. Contact me today to wrap it up!

In good health,


“This Christmas instead of gifting your fat friend a weighing scale, try gifting sessions with a handsome fitness trainer and watch the results.” – Unknown