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Would you like a side of cellulite with that?


November 25, 2012

There are those who find me to be slightly opinionated, perhaps. I do have conviction for certain matters, especially when I am right!  ha ha … This happens to be one of those matters, cellulite.

Curious, I typed it into my search bar.  Wow, what a ‘load of data’ out there! Some of the content is right on track, but most of it is absolute nonsense, sales baloney.  For all human beings, cellulite is already there.  Period the end.  IF you want to believe in a certain product or potion … freedom to spend happens to be an inalienable right, however, let me help you get a clue.  If you want more cellulite, just keep eating more calories than you expend each day.  Really, overeat!  I promise you will get what you want. And if you happen to think you do not have cellulite (yet), just put your hands flat on the side of your thigh about 6” apart and push them towards each other.  There, that is the underlying tissue that would love to work its way to the surface.  Our bodies are basically fat saving machinery.  These magnificent loving bodies of hard and soft tissues are an amazing design.  To break it down;  Muscles are like end to end bags of spaghetti, and arevall tied together with stiffer strands of linguine, and all wrapped in a nice rice paper shell to keep them together.  Our muscles are connected to bone with tendons, and between these tendons is a natural contraction (otherwise called tone) that keeps tension on the joints to hold us upright.  WELL, when a natural contraction is present and the crossroads of muscles meet … that cross section of tension is what keeps muscles smooth and close to the bone.  NOW if the muscular contractions are not acceptable and body composition (or fat, those extra unused calories) store on top of that muscular area then a slight dimpling effect takes place.  And, we all have the propensity to have a little or a lot of dimpling!  Some do something about it, some don’t.  I will tell you that it can be changed.  Here is the FIT way to make that change;

cellulite1.  Resistance training to develop tone in the muscle (tension between the tendons.)

2.  Hydrate the muscles.  Our bodies are water based and need to be refilled.

3.  Diet – you are what you eat…but burn off what you eat…clean eating.           4.  Cardio – the circulatory system is another key to a healthy metabolism.

5.  Dry Sauna – a great way to sweat and pull waste products out of your system.

6.  Massage – no need to buy some stupid lipo-crème…that’s a gimmick.

Now is that so hard?!  Yes, genetics do have a roll in health and fitness and the shape and look of our bodies.  As do age, current fitness level, time allocated to our fitness, money…and a plethora of other reasons.  BUT it all starts with effort.

In good health


“I hope they make a video game of me. At least I wouldn’t have any cellulite then.” –Scarlett Johansson