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Why F.I.T. Sessions


January 15th, 2012

I’ve recently read a number of persuasive articles on the long term benefits of personal (F.I.T.) training.  I’d like to share some of the ideas from those articles, along with a few thoughts of my own.

There are a large percentage of people that purchase gym memberships or buy a home gym with all the intentions in the world of losing that gut, dropping a dress size, or getting off the high blood pressure medicine. Most people lack the knowledge and experience to make this goal a reality. After about 90 days they continue paying for a membership or donate dusty equipment they don’t use any longer. All too often people start a fitness plan and stop, never really achieving any permanent transformation. F.I.T. training is about accountability, motivation, and guidance. A healthy life is about the choices we make and how and where we choose to spend our time and our money.

A common perception is that personal training is too expensive. Is this true or just a misconception?

Say you really like that artery clogging fast food, the weekly trip with the kids for a DQ Blizzard, or maybe the occasional midnight snack; this could be adding excessive weight gain causing your heart to work harder, raising your blood pressure, or bringing on diabetes. Treatment for diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, etc., all cost money. When you consider the cost of hospitalization, doctor visits, and prescription drugs, the medical cost far exceeds the cost of F.I.T. training. If you change your perception F.I.T. can help partner with you for a healthier life. The benefits will greatly outweigh the expense – financially, physically and emotionally.

Just four F.I.T. sessions can dramatically benefit anyone who’s unhappy with their body or stuck at a plateau! Knowledge is power! Some say, “I can do this on my own,” explaining why they can’t afford any training package, even though they’ll think nothing of dropping hundreds on their next weekend shopping spree or tickets to a ballgame. This cost alone can pay for enough F.I.T. sessions to catapult you toward a functional and F.I.T. body.

So why don’t people — many who spend money on vacations, fancy furniture, expensive clothes, monthly facials and biweekly manicures, computer software, fishing equipment, etc., — spring for a few F.I.T. sessions? Maybe it is a misconception …

The first question most people ask me is “How much do F.I.T. sessions cost?” I’ve started to reply, “Would free be too much?” F.I.T. Training is not a cost. It’s an investment! An investment in you and your long term health. It’s not what you pay for an investment that’s important, it’s is what you get in return.

At F.I.T. our goal is to be your partner in health. We use the National Academy of Sports Medicine optimum performance model (NASM OPT) to design and deliver a program totally built around you and your personal goals. F.I.T. training factors in your strength, your flexibility, injury prevention and rehabilitation when needed. We continually adapt your F.I.T. plan so it has plenty of variety, remains fun, and will focus completely on you. We want you to succeed!

Studies show that only about 10 percent of people permanently lose all their excess weight, improve their overall health, or achieve their fitness goals. 90 percent fail. What are you doing to be in the top 10 percent?

In good health,

Bob Geib