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Why F.I.T. Classes


January 8, 2012

Starting January 12th  F.I.T. will begin what we call our Whole F.I.T. Program. The series is a 6 week program, two one-hour workouts per week.  PLUS the Cardio Club membership at no additional expense, yes FREE! The goal is to increase training and exercise frequency for clients.  Simply put, we want you to succeed in reaching your health and fitness goals. 

The question becomes, do fitness classes work? 

Fitness classes can be a great way to get in shape.  It is a matter of finding the right class for you.   With that in mind, here are 5 main reasons Fitness Classes do work. 

  1. Lead by a Professional Instructor.  Unless you’re a professional trained instructor yourself, your body will do what feels most comfortable.  And, that is often the problem. Posture requires practice.  Only perfect practice makes perfect.  When you do your workout with an instructor it will be more effective and lead to faster and greater results.
  2. Fitness classes make exercise fun.  On your own it is so easy to quit, results stop and goals get forgotten.  By learning new techniques/mechanics and exercises in fitness classes, you stimulate not only your muscles and your brain, you get to have all that fun with friends (and maybe even make some new friends).
  3. You are not alone and left to guess.  Fitness classes are motivational because you now are with others who are working at their own level of fitness.  Both ends of the spectrum motivate you and inspire you, a team of individuals along with group accomplishment. 
  4. Fitness classes serve as a social gathering.  When you join the Whole F.I.T. Program  you will meet a group of like-minded individuals who share your goal of getting F.I.T.  New and accountable friends who will help keep you committed.
  5. Consistency is most of the battle.  The number one reason a fitness program fails is quitting.  Right!?  Well, if you have a workout scheduled, you are much more likely to allow that time for yourself … it is an appointment with the most important person, yourself!

 January is a time of year to reset priorities. Put your health and fitness at the top of the list. Whether Cardio Club, Whole F.I.T. Program or F.I.T. Sessions there is something for YOU!

 For more information on the Whole F.I.T. Program, please visit us at www.fitwoodlands.com or call us at (832)813-8010.

In good health