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What Do You Think A Personal Trainer Does?


March 30, 2014

JuanUnfortunately, the Personal Training Industry has received some negative publicity and taken a bad rap over the past few years.  This has been due to a few ‘bad’ apples in the industry who were generally paid to watch their clients walk on a treadmill and provide “chitchat” and smiles and in reality, just be a cheerleader.  At one time, there was no certification for Personal Trainers and the clinical side of services was nonexistent.  This image damaged a profession (yes, it requires a college degree and it is a profession) where trainers truly do want to help people and do have the skill-set plus medical background to do just that.  Over the years, we in the industry have helped a variety of clients, patients, and/or friends not only shape up, but, in many cases, change their lives.

For those of us lucky enough to be blessed with apparently healthy bodies and free from injury or disease, AMEN!  Our health and fitness is within our will and control.  However, we do have clients at F.I.T. Human Performance who have trusted us to help them with their balance, their dysfunction, or their rehabilitation.  Either currently or recently, we have worked with people with a variety of physical problems and dysfunctions:  Hip reconstruction, Hip replacement, Rotator-cuff surgery therapy, Multiple-Sclerosis muscle imbalances, Parkinson’s disease balance and gait, Cerebral Palsy motor function and mobility, Post-traumatic pulmonary artery disease, and Stroke disorder quality of life.    Our certifications include an array of special populations, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and specializations in corrective exercise and sports enhancements.  The “chitchat” and smiles stem from a confidence in experience and a variety of activity.  We are proud and pleased to work with you and, in case you haven’t noticed, we have a passion for the job.

Within the article, you have noticed that I said “we” when I mentioned Personal Trainer.

Proudly the F.I.T. team welcomes Juan Nunez as  a Health Practitioner and National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, and Juan is also bilingual.  Juan’s biography is posted on the F.I.T. website and he is currently training a few of his clients. Please join me in welcoming Juan!!

In good health,


Any fitness level can benefit from a professional personal training and advice.” – Jeffrey Hayes