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What A Drag


August 25, 2013

dragIf you have been around me for a while or know me very well then you are aware of my focus on posture and balance.  My wife will attest to the fact that when we are together and find time to people watch,  I pay attention to peoples movement and posture.  I will point out a forward head, rounded shoulders, short stride, pelvic tilt and other structural deviations that are happening to many of us.  I am not criticizing or judging … what I find myself doing is quickly developing a corrective exercise plan for them. We are all perfect, maybe slightly out of balance and posture. Call me crazy, but I find the human body to be amazing!

When it  comes to correction of balance and posture, often the easiest problem to solve are those caused from personal habits.  One of the biggest culprits would be a forward head or the head leaning in front of the body’s midline.  Where is your head as you read ‘Are you in a SLUMP’?  Improper posture from too much time in a ‘hip-flexed’ position, plus the weight of the head dragging the neck forward, create a forward head.  And how about that spine?  I see women walking around with HUGE purses and can see their upper back muscles and opposite hip muscles struggle to create balance while walking … yikes, no man purse for me.  The purse is a drag on their posture and their balance. These women will certainly have some upcoming dysfunction in their balance and posture.

So the question becomes, are you in a slump?  Look at the situation and try to correct it yourself, and if you would like stop by for an FMS (Functional Movement Screen) and let us help you with balance and posture.

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For quick in wit and light in manners be either seldom troubled or very soon weary, in carrying a very heavy purse. – Roger Ascham