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Weight Loss or Weight Gain … don’t WAIT!


October 16, 2016 – 

You can lose weight, I promise.  As little kids, fat or skinny, we truly weren’t hyper-focused on how we looked.  Over time, society, peer pressure, the media, bullying, and shame, can guide us into a way of thinking that is extremely difficult to change. These negative thoughts can become ingrained in our self-image, self-worth, and behavior for much of our lives.  The good news …  we can change our thoughts, our diets, our self confidence, our goals, and with a healthy lifestyle, our self-image.   Exercise is a key part of creating that change. Exercise does so maskinnyoldny good things for you!

Today in the gym a friend and I were discussing her muscles and her weight.  She said there was really never a problem until she hit 60 years of age.  And at that point, it just seemed to her that the legs were weak, the rear end flattened out, her energy level dropped, and it was “all getting worse.”  I explained the ‘slippery slope’,   at some point in all of our lives we will start losing weight without our consent and I promise you it is a bad thing.  For those of you thinking, AMEN I can finally get into my clothes!  There is some important bad news, the weight you will be losing is honestly the weight you NEVER want to lose.  Your body with age begins a phase called atrophy, the decrease in strength and size of a body part.  If you are atrophying in your largest muscle (your rear end or glutes) the pants you can now fit into will require a belt as there is no muscular ledge to hold your pants up.

If this is not the body you want to live with, don’t WAIT to change your weight.

In a different case, a friend of mine came in a year or so ago, and was again at 200 pounds.  He was unconditioned and his movement patterns dysfunctional. His movement was poor and his body was mush.  When he trains regularly he frequently reminds me “I’ve been here a year now and haven’t lost a pound.”  I smile and nod … what he is really saying is, that he is amazed how strong he is, how good he feels, how far he clobbers the golf ball, and how thankful he is for continuing to challenge himself to improve!

healhtyoldBack on track here, the longer you put off truly making the change in your body that you want, the harder it gets.  You might need more muscle, work with me!  Maybe you might need to change your diet, we can discuss options.  You might have a bad habit that is sabotaging your goals, or you might have all of the above, or maybe you just need to tweak them a bit to make some amazing changes.  Whatever your goal might happen to be when it comes to your body weight … don’t wait!  Your body will begin to atrophy and you will start to dilapidate with age if your don’t take care of yourself. And Oh!, once that starts it is a slippery slope.  Falls can happen, disease can occur, fatigue can set in, energy can be low, and desire can vanish …. you start to slide down that slope.  Life is a priceless gift  so please make it a healthy one!

In good health,


“I was knocked down because I was sorely dilapidated.” –  Jamaine Dickens