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November 5, 2017 – 

OK, so here’s a question… how long is your weekend? At my house I have noticed that as soon as Thursday comes around and TNF (Thursday Night Football) happens I start to relax and feel like perhaps I deserve a few hours of relaxation, and a beer. Signaling, my weekend has begun. Therefore Thursday thru Monday (MNF – Monday Night Football) is the weekend. That’s a LOT of weekend days? AND sometimes 10,000 calories of relaxation is part of that too. My problem is obvious and I can’t blame the NFL!

Be honest with yourself, how long is your weekend? Has the stress of life enabled you to expand your weekend? YES you deserve it, YES you have earned it, YES you can afford these mini-staycations! What the hell, go for it! But unless you are 100% willing to off-set the calorie intake of dinners out, movie nights, and 4 days of football and a beer (or two), with exercise output you are sabotaging your health and fitness.

The NFL is October through January … that is a lot of extra long weekends and extra thousand calories to get our of your body. Let’s just suppose this continued for an entire season … yikes. Oh and let’s not forget the Astro’s (WOOHOO!!!), Rockets, and Aeros. See the problem? No, the problem isn’t sports, it is the appeal of celebration and relaxation. I am a victim to it … are you?


There is an easy and simple solution, and that is to be conscious about the self-sabotage and plan for the exercise to unload the celebration. Yup, I said it. Do SOME form of exercise this weekend (and every weekend for that matter) please!

In good health,


“The earlier you invest in health, the more dividends it pays later.”
― Tarun Sharma