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Wagon Challenge – Is it the fix or the fat?


January 29, 2017 – 

Let’s all get a grip with our relationship with alcohol. And yes, wine is alcohol too. Unbelievably long days, stressful situations, long drives, screaming brats … I meant cats… and the list goes on. An adult beverage may not be the fix, it may be the fat.

We all handle stress differently, and often in my own personal story I find that ‘I deserve a glass of wine with my dinner’. The glass of wine (or two), 300 extra calories a few nights each week, just might be adding up to FAT. Extra unusable calories are simply stored as fat. OK, I’m calling a ‘wagon trip’ starting Monday January 31st until Monday Febuary 13th, 2017. Then for Valentines day we can celebrate and have a glass of wine.

So, can you join me on the wagon for a few weeks?

What can you expect with your wagon challenge?

  1. You will sleep better
  2. You will consume less food at dinner
  3. Your complexion will clear up
  4. You will save some money
  5. Your risk of cancer falls
  6. You will be the envy of your friends
  7. Your senses will be heightened
  8. Your liver will love you and start to rebuild itself
  9. You will sharpen your brain and you will be brilliant
  10. You may even shed a few pounds!

Heck even if only half of these happen … the challenge is a win win!!

In good health,