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Visualize Your Goals


October 11, 2015 –Visualize

Our brains are so smart! When it comes to weight loss, shaping up your body, or doing an activity, if your brain is not involved in it then you are leaving out the most important element. Ask your body to look or feel the way you want it to! If you think you are overweight your body will help you look that way. Neuromuscular facilitation is your brain helping you design the body you want. If you only see yourself as fat and frumpy … well your brain will help you develop just that. See yourself as fit and firm if that is your goal. Let your brain help you achieve your goal.

The brain is a big part of your success … this is true, but movement and healthy diet are keys what makes the real physical change happen. Get to FIT and use your muscles to shape your body, developing soft tissue is the foundation to shaping the body. Don’t believe anything else, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If a commercial claims they can ‘melt the fat away to contour the body’ just think about it for a second and get back to reality in the gym. If you hear that a body wrap will give you a tighter firmer appearance, well that is what happens when you take off your sock or nylons. (It’s not permanent.) Time in the gym and healthy eating habits create long lasting results.

So visualize how you want to look, develop a plan of exercise and healthy eating that gets you there for long lasting results. F.I.T. would love to help you create that plan and develop the look you want.

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“Success is the outcome of thinking, visualizing, planning and acting. What you think today is what you live tomorrow.” – Remez Sasson