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Use It or Lose It


February 5, 2012

Use it or Lose It … a common saying I have heard since I was young…not sure why or when it originated, yet it has been around for decades.  Oddly enough, it is a fact when it comes to our muscles and our fitness. 

Think about it, as kids we enjoyed the wonderful ability to play and without even knowing it, use our muscles to improve our health and strength! Throughout school and for much of our lives into our twenties and thirties we stayed active and FIT. And then something happens, without our consent, we get stiff joints, gain a few LBs, and wonder how it happened. No detective needed in this case, we just simply became less active in our everyday lives. 

No more afterschool activities, organized sports come to an end, active hobbies take too much time, long walks take a back seat to the carpool, the bike gets dusty and tires flatten, and we actually fight for the closest parking spot to the door at the movies. Yes, we just get less active and complacent about our fitness. 

In the case of professional athletes, these men and women spend the majority of their lives getting in shape to reach a sporting goal. Since it is Super Bowl Sunday, let’s take the NFL as our example!  Football players train vigorously in order to get bigger and stronger, faster and more powerful, agile and with proper functional training and a little good luck…injury free. But what about after the Super Bowl? Very few athletes maintain the same level of fitness, as that level requires an enormous commitment of time and effort. Is it possible, certainly! Time and commitment are required for any level of fitness whether you are a novice or an NFL receiver. With the right knowledge and proper training any of us can reach our fitness goals. FITness technology today brings safety and greater success without the increased risk of injury. 

My wife, ‘Princess’, 4? – exercising at FIT with tubing.

Terrell Owens, ‘TO’, 38 – exercising with yes, tubing!

At F.I.T. Human Performance we specialize in posture, balance, and functional fitness.  Dare to be injury free and exercise in a smart and effective manner. Time is of the essence, or should I say…“Use it or lose it.”  

In good health