Twas the Week Before Christmas - FIT Human Performance

Twas the Week Before Christmas


December 20, 2015 – 

FITMas2Twas a week before Christmas, when all through the land
No one was exercising, not a workout was planned.
Thoughts of shopping for presents, and meals you would cook
The last thing you had time for was how your body would look.

Christmas clothing designers keep you comfy and warm
And thank goodness its cold out, sweaters cover your arms.
Far too busy right now to get into the gym
Is the story you live and the shape you are in.

You worked hard all year long and lost a few pounds
From the promise last year ‘you’d be FIT all year round.’
Moving well, eating clean, drinking less was the trend
Getting ready for this year and a smaller rear end.

You did great, looking good, now the holidays are here
You won’t sabotage your health with just one cup of good cheer.
But please don’t forget that the plan was year long
If the workouts have ceased, then the plan has gone wrong.

So I offer you this, for a holiday song
On cardio, on stretching, on workouts for all
Keep your FITness plans strong
And Merry FITmas to all!

In good health,


“Dear Santa please give me a big fat bank account and a slim body, and please
don’t mix those two up like you did last year.” – Julie Vold