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September 3, 2017 – 

My wife and I really love traveling, really love traveling.  Yes I said it twice. The most recent trip we were on, we sat and watched as a guy gave 100% trying to place his carry-bag into an overhead storage bin.  As the FAIL went on people behind this guy could not get by, creating havoc in the isle. It was almost a comedy.  First, the plane was nearly full as were the overhead bins.  He shoved and turned and pulled and pushed and all that happened was his temper surfaced.  Finally he submitted and went back out to the gate to check his bag.  It was amusing.

Travel light; make it easy on yourself when it comes to dragging luggage and personal items.  I like to be helpful and often find myself assisting people putting their luggage into/and out of overhead bins; it isn’t always that easy to do.

If your carry-on bags did not easily slide into the ‘luggage size station’ at each gate well you might be in for a challenge when you get to your seat.  Don’t get me started on travel etiquette, as all my letters will be in BOLD.  For those who are seated in row 10 or back and shove your luggage into the overhead in the fist several rows, RUDE.  But I did say I’d not talk about my own triggers.  What I would prefer to discuss is the manner in which you lift your luggage overhead as I see this done incorrectly OFTEN and with a chance of injury.  Recently my friend Jane smiled as she told me how happy she was that she placed her own bag in the overhead bin without problem.  Oh, Jane happens to be 72 years young.

So, you have entered the plane and are rolling toward your row.  Typically you will have a line of grumpy people behind you so you will want to clear the isle quickly and take your seat.  My advice, stop in the isle one seat before your ticketed row as it may be impossible to have the crowd behind you back up to give you room to lift properly.  Roll your bag against the side of the seat on the end of your row.  Use both hands on the top bag handle and lift your bag right up under your chin to set it onto the arm-rest of that seat.  Then grab the sides of your bag and slide the bag along the chair-back until it rests on top of that chair back.  Now you only have about two feet into the overhead bin, so tighten your tummy (stabilize), and lift the bag straight up in the position it is in with the wheels toward you.  Presto!  And of course the exact opposite pattern on removal when exiting the aircraft.  Safe and effective and you did it yourself!

Traveling is a treat and every trick to make it easy should be welcome, I think. P.S. Congratulations on your Plank Challenge! 

In good health,


“Vacation calories don’t count” –  Bob Geib