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Tired is not what Retired is all about


May 7, 2017 – 

Tony Romo, (yes I am a Cowboys fan)  one of the best NFL quarterbacks ever in my opinion, recently announced his retirement from the game of  football.  He hasn’t left the sport , he is just moving on to be an NFL analyst/broadcaster. Then yesterday, I saw a great clip of a group of silver haired men doing pull-ups, push-ups, and gymnastic moves outside at a park.  The age limits were posted as between 65-75 years old.  Their energy was great as they played like kids on the different playground equipment.

So right now, how many of you can do one pull-up or even one push-up (with proper form and under control)?  If you are not working on your strength… wait for it… you are losing your strength.  I promise!

We offer a basic strength test at F.I.T. Human Performance if you are willing to drop your ego at the door and give me your best!  Intrigued?  Stop by today.

As the American dream of retiring approaches we are faced with many questions.  One of our biggest fears might be ‘will we have enough money’?  For many, the state of our health is the big question.

After retirement will we be strong enough to stay healthy and active? 

How can we avoid a broken hip or frequent balance issues?

When we get down on the floor can we get back up to our feet quickly and without help?

Can we put on our socks?

There are so many reasons to get strong before retirement. What are you waiting for!?  Get your body in gear and get your body in here!!

In good health,


“I think my best years are ahead of me and that’s exciting.” –  Tony Romo