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Think About It


VisualizationDecember 29, 2013

One thing is certain about exercise, health, and fitness in general – if you are not paying attention to your health…it is getting worse!  With New Year’s resolutions approaching, I suggest you think about your goals.  The best athletes do because nothing comes easy.

When working with the 1996 Atlanta Commission of Olympic Games, it was a surprise to see the world’s best athletes had a few things in common.  They all, I mean all, started the day with ‘mental imagery’ and a good breakfast.  In other words, they began the day by planning and visualizing every move in their heads and then feeding the body to do those moves.  Below is a link to help you consider your fitness goals and how to think and plan for them!

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“This is my wish for you: peace of mind, prosperity through the year, happiness that multiplies, health for you and yours, fun around every corner, energy to chase your dreams, joy to fill your holidays!” – D.M. Dellinger