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The Weight Complaint


December 18, 2016 –

weightover50Not necessarily a target market, but the many of you reading this are in the adult age range between 35 and 55, with a high level of education, either busy due to work or family, and are thinking to yourself  ‘not that long ago I was in really good shape,   I could quickly get back into shape and even drop a pounds’.  Just behave for a few days and ‘boom’ you were back!

Over the years I have heard from clients who are in their 50’s say that once they hit 50 everything changed.  They had a point. Your body did make some changes and many were needed to stay well.  With over 35 years in the health and fitness industry I can safely say, it is true, things change at 50 (and I can say it from a personal point too!).

Around the age of 50, for both men and women there happens to be a physiological shift in which our bodies seem to want to protect us.  The body knows that fat is padding, insulation, and energy storage.  Thus the body thinks a little extra is ok?  In case I fall, my hips are more padded.  In case I get cold, my organs are covered with extra insulation.  That being said, what do we need to know about this age-old dilemma?

My feeling about fat after 50 and the 6 areas of concern for those of us who perhaps have added the extra padding and really would like to get rid of it, well the good news is that this time in your life does not mean you are stuck with the bumpers forever.

A few points to consider:

  1. Movement – I am clear when I say to people, “if you cannot move a joint well then adding weight(s) to that movement is just making the wrong muscles stronger. So we work on joint range of motion, so the correct large muscles (prime movers) are doing the work.  These muscles are the true calorie burners of the body!  Move more.  Functional exercise.
  2. Nutrition – as much as you know about Nutrition you should be shredded huh. Nope, over the past 30 years the science behind food is consistently changing.  Shoot, over the last 5 years new buzz words in dieting like Gluten Free, Paleo, and the very popular Vegan diets and lifestyles make things very confusing.  Just when I think I understand my diet and my body, I go eat a pizza.  Life is like a pizza, ITS DELICIOUS!  Back to nutrition, if you really have no idea and want to be specific I would love to help you.  With the New Year right around the corner maybe this is the fix you are looking for!  Overeating is not the answer.
  3. Sleep – I can honestly say that my body has always functioned on less sleep than some others. I feel rested and ready to roll at 5-6 hours, when I know some people could easily sleep 8-12.  Our bodies know the truth and if your system is sleep deprived there is a very good chance your metabolism feels that it should be holding on to calories.  Sleep is your friend, especially if your mind and body are working hard.
  4. Hormones – the unseen aggravation. If nothing has changed in your life but years, maybe your thyroid didn’t get the memo.  Your body has this amazing network of nerves that have chemical messengers to make them run efficiently.  If the chemistry of your body is not functioning properly then I promise you the effects will be visible.  Maybe weight gain, hair loss, mood swings, temperature fluctuations, heart rate and blood pressure, and actually all tissues of the body suffer.  So, how is your thyroid running lately?  Maybe it is time for a physical or check up.  Mine is Wednesday morning, nobody is perfect right.?
  5. Stress – many of you have high-pressure jobs or lots of family responsibility that add a lot of stress to your life. Love it or hate it, your stress needs to be understood and under control.  Example, remember the last great vacation you had?  Ate until you were full every meal, drank like a rock star, enjoyed deserts and snacks!  Oh how much fun!!  Yet, you came back to reality and lost 5 pounds.  No stress and lots of sleep … see the pattern?  Get a handle on what makes you  crazy and get a grasp of what makes you happy… let go of one and hang on to the other perhaps!
  6. Rest – other than your night full of dreams, snoring, or lala land … rest. Each of us could use a bit more rest, perhaps 5 minutes of nothing around 2pm each day.  Just a chance to turn off your brain and your body, check out of your problems, your pressure, … rest a bit.  Tell your boss that “Bob said so!?”  (PS. My wife calls this meditation)

One thing for certain, this weight gain and weight loss battle is yours.  Nobody knows your body like you do, if you have a few extra pounds you just do not like on your body at this time in your life, you know it.  AND you know what is doing it … for me, its pizza and wine.  Don’t lie to yourself, if you are sneaking cookies then how important are they to you … more than the scale or the inches?  Are sitting too much (sitting is the new smoking), not sleeping enough … remember exercise if the solution. It truly is all up to  you!!

In good health,


“If we were not meant to have midnight snacks, then why is there a light in the fridge?” – Peter  Griffin