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The Vision


July 30, 2017 – 

When life gets in the way of your fitness and exercise, your health is often sidelined. IF we were to ask an athlete to lay-off of their fitness for a few days they would feel cheated and do something to train their bodies. The hardest part about starting an exercise program or lifestyle is … wait for it … STARTING!

It’s been said that once you start something the hardest part is done, and that is especially true when it comes to shaping up or losing weight. Your brain screams “you will be cheating me of all the good stuff that I need (not need … want)!” But if you think about it, cleaning up your nutrition (by cutting out all the junk) does not mean ‘taking away from’ but adding ‘years to’ your life. It is a journey and I want you to make it a long one.

‘Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life. Because you become what you believe.’ – Oprah Winfrey

What if the best shape you will ever be in again is who you are right now, are you ok with that? Are you in the body that will carry you into your silver haired years of retirement? Will that body be able to get up off the floor?

I don’t think any of us really truly realize just how good we have it, ya know. Running water, tasty food, variety of everything!! THE one true gift we have to maintain and cherish is our life and our health. Right? So the question becomes, are you making enough of an effort with your exercise and/or your diet? At some point in your life you will, and mark my words you will be faced with poor health and I pray right now that you will be able to reverse the problems with diet and or exercise.

Many of todays illness and disease issues are treatable with a balanced diet and with safe effective exercise. I promise you, your health is worth it. Take a mental snapshot of yourself … like it? SO many people come to me and tell me of how good of shape they used to be in and say “oh you have no idea Bob, I was skinny and strong and in the best shape of my life! “ We all have that story.

Back to the snapshot … every one of you are thinking about the perfect you. Might have been 10, 20, or 50 years ago… but that person worked for it too. You just forget, nothing comes easy and as the years mount up it just gets harder and discipline comes into play. IF you don not like your snapshot, start today!

In good health,


‘Just start! Get down on the floor, do a push-up, walk 10 minutes, eat a salad, drink a quart of water, stand up tall with great posture … love yourself again!’ – Bob Geib