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The Sunshine Makes You Happy, My Personal Story


September 29, 2013

SunshineTo be fair, I did not need to confirm that the sun makes us happy.  In The Bob Report from September 1st, ‘The sun is good for you, kinda’, I informed you that my wife and I would do a research trip to test the theory out.  I have to confess that The Bob Report was not the reason for the trip, but I do have the answer.

The sunshine did in fact make us happy!  Not just the Vitamin D benefits that Dr. Oz presents in many of his articles, or the fact that sunshine does attack some strands of cancer causing bacteria that plague the skin on some complexions. But rather, the sun just warms the body and feels so nice.

Here is what I know, the sunshine left a slight tan or bronze complexion on our skin leading to a boost in self image and esteem.  The sunshine makes it far more appealing to be outside and exercising; example mountain biking around an active volcano, kayaking in a tropical river and hiking to waterfalls, golfing, swimming with sharks, or even a light jog. Sunshine made us much happier.  Honest!

Texas has sunshine too, and I encourage you to get outside and get some. Soon enough the heat will subside around here and you should use plenty of sunscreen or even a cap to shade the eyes and face, but definitely get outside and enjoy the sunshine and the great outdoors.

Fall brings the return to school for so may people, including Austin. Certainly many of you have had a chance to speak to or work with Austin McClellan over the past few months.  Please join me in wishing him the best as he turns his attention and efforts to his education and future direction into the Physical Therapy industry.  The good, or maybe bad news, is that I am just as eager as ever (maybe more so) to help you with your workouts and fitness future.

So now that the Summer of 2013 comes to a close and the extreme temperatures begin to subside, plan your Fall.  Now is that wonderful time in Texas when the sunshine will work in your favor to begin outdoor exercises.  Remember that the ’10 for Texas’ road race, run/walk is approaching on October 12th.  If you wish to be involved in that and perhaps jumpstart your FALL into Fitness program, we have the FIT-team T-shirts available today.  Come check it out!

Fall into FITness is what I’m thinking about at this point in my day.  Mathematically speaking, there are less than 30 days until Halloween and only about 7 weeks until the holiday season begins, starting with the celebration of Thanksgiving.  So,  if you happen to have a rack of clothes you want to start getting ready to squeeze into or wear comfortably for those holiday parties, then now is the time to start that FITness program.

In good health,


“What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity, and exercise is to health.” – Unknown.