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The Health & Fitness of our Youth


October 4, 2015 – Childhood Obesity

Throughout my day I happen to see children moving around outside. Typically they are walking to and from the school next door. The dynamics of each of these kids are different as well as the circumstances regarding their fitness and nutrition, however, one thing I unfortunately observe much too often is the overwhelming level of obesity in these kids. Yes, the times have changed in so many ways. My grade school (1-6th grade) was exactly one mile from my Mom and Dad’s house (any further away and riding a bus was an option). We walked to school … and yes, in the snow too! Lot’s of exercise! As kids growing up we also had a Physical Education class to enjoy or endure. The physical demands for most children today are minimal compared to past generations.

In earning my most recent certification (National Academy of Sports Medicine, Youth Exercise Specialist) I learned that for American children today at least one meal of their daily food intake is prepared outside the home, thus lacking much of the nutritional value of organic whole foods prepared at home. (That is one reason why local and state politicians are arguing over the state’s school lunch program.)

In Texas we have a 19.1% obesity rate among kids aged 10 to 17. As these children grow up, it is estimated that heart disease will increase 4.5 times by 2030, and obesity-related cancers are estimated to more than double during that same period. Scary!!

As adults we have an obligation to set a good example for our children and eat healthy foods and exercise on a regular basis. On a good note, the great state of Texas is finally out of the top ten most obese states in the nation … we are now number 11, with 31.9% of our population being obese.

Remember, functional fitness is for all ages … young or old (or in between)! Let me know how I can help YOU with your fitness.

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“For children to take health and fitness seriously they must be in the presence of adults who take health and fitness seriously. And with their own eyes they must see adults take health and fitness seriously.” – W. Bennett

Read the study from the American Heart Association on Childhood Obesity.