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That 2011s F.I.T.ness Program


December 11th, 2011

When it comes to our health, body, and exercise – our fitness, it is a work in progress!  Back in the day, well in the 70’s anyway, fitness was viewed as ‘muscular size and/or strength’.  Today, muscular development no longer solely belongs to the Bodybuilder!  Although the art of bodybuilding and strength training are still alive and well, our perception has broadened and opened the door to a much more vast definition of individual fitness. No longer is the picture of health and fitness defined strictly by muscle size and strength.  Today we are aware of the importance of balance, core strength, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, and definitely mobility.  Fitness as we see it today not only begins at an early age, but with a bit of focus on our parts, fitness can span a lifetime!

Our fitness expectations are individual and should be far more sophisticated than the vision advertisers portray and would have us believe fitness looks like.  What we have in the past termed fitness, today we call wellness.  By definition, wellness includes our physical, mental, physiological, emotional, vocational, spiritual, and social health.  What we wish to help you build at F.I.T. Human Performance is functional wellness; physical strength, core strength, balance, and mobility and a wonderful way of developing a solid foundation for wellness.

In a recent article in Everyday Health, we are reminded of the negative side effects of obesity but also of an improvement in this trend in America for the first time in years.  Some of this improvement is attributed to a shift in focus to a more complete picture of fitness/wellness. The article also highlights the positive effect technology has played in awareness, with YouTube videos and daily Fitness Tweets.

Good news, F.I.T. Human Performance of the Woodlands is in front of these trends and believes tracking progress with frequent testing and video documentation can help keep us on the path to reaching our functional wellness goals.  F.I.T.’s uses TRX suspension training, interval training, cardiovascular training, balance and core training which are all individualized for safety, and maximum effectiveness. Following the National Academy of Sports Medicine OPT model can safely get any client to their maximum fitness level!  Your goals are what our training is all about.

Can any of us really afford to ignore our wellness? We can all learn to be FIT for life. Join us…

In good health,

Bob Geib 

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” ~ Buddha