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Texas Skiers – On Your Mark, Get FIT, Ski!


Avid skiers and FIT Clients
Jane & Dan Pope

October 6, 2013

Just think of it, swooshing down the steep groomed slope, fresh tracks, , knee deep powder, sun on your face, and music in your ears … bliss! “BAM” you hit a bump and fall.  If you happen to be one of us, the snow lovers who like the gravity/adrenaline addiction of skiing (or snowboarding), IT IS TIME to start thinking and preparing for the upcoming ski season.

Texas happens to be the first place I have ever lived without a ski resort nearby. It doesn’t make the sport impossible to enjoy, just challenging to enjoy frequently (as I would like). Nonetheless, Nordic or downhill snow skiing IS one of my favorite sports.  Like any potentially dangerous sporting activity, you should prepare for the best and the worst possible conditions.  And speaking of conditions, one of the most important conditions is that of your body.

If you are planning a ski trip, I suggest planning your ski conditioning sooner rather than later.  A popular saying around the slopes is “uncomfortable feet make your ski day a disaster”, well I think being winded and to weak to endure the ‘leg-burn’ and extended hours of core, leg, and shoulder work makes your ski day a disaster.  F.I.T. Human Performance has a ski conditioning plan for you!  SKI FIT is available beginning in September.  Ski Conditioning is a 4-12 week plan customized to your current fitness level and personal ski-performance demands.

Job 1 is to assess your current fitness ability with some safe effective fitness and movement screens. Are your muscles and joints capable of balance and weigh bearing with action?  IF your muscles are out of balance; some too tight with others too weak, a fall on the slopes could be hazardous.  Ski conditioning prepares the hips, knees, shoulders, and spine for the physical demands of downhill skiing and F.I.T. is ready to prepared you for the upcoming season.

Don’t delay, get started today.  Contact me for details and your SKI FIT conditioning plan.

In good health,


Skiing is a dance, and the mountain always leads. – Unknown