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Sunday Funday


February 14, 2016 – valentine

Sunday, February 7th was a day of SPORT – The SUPER BOWL!! Followed by …
Sunday, February 14th the day of LOVE – Valentine’s Day !! EVERYBODY WINS!

Isn’t it odd that we put so much energy into small events in time that give us a reason to get excited? But do we ever just live in the moment? For Super Bowl Sunday I think many if not most, plan on enjoying the final football game of the season, eating too much, and totally relaxing for a few hours. Then a week of work and many, but maybe not most, start to feel the opposite, yet same enthusiasm for Valentines Day. Totally entitled to relax, have a chocolate or two, a day of pampering, and perhaps a nice dinner with too many calories. Looks like February goals have been sabotaged only halfway through the month. OOPS … well what the heck. Can’t think of a better reason than Sports and Love!

Now what? OK, it is time to start a new plan, a new resolve, a new goal. Less sugar for sure! Liquid or solid … less SUGAR! And equally as important is more exercise. You can’t lose if you don’t move! The next reason to Celebrate is St. Patrick’s Day and that’s a spinach holiday, so bring me some greens!

In good health,


“My idea of a Superbowl is a toilet that cleans itself.” Betty White
“Love has FOUR letters…but so does beer, deer, guns, and fish. Earl Campbell