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Strength to Stand


February 5, 2017 –

Here is a fact, as we get older our bodies’ get weaker.  Not trying to sound negative or like a party pooper … but it will happen at some point.  (And yes a plug for the mission of F.I.T.) Functional Individualized Training, is what happens here, where I work with you to ensure your body, your movement, and your strength don’t deteriorate. FIT is here for your goals, for your health and for your fitness.

standupHere is a challenge;

sit in a chair, both feet flat on the floor, now pick one leg up (let it hang free or lift it up, but do not cross it over the other leg) and get up out of that chair with one leg and continue to balance on that leg for 30 seconds. Did you do it? If yes, good for you (your workouts are paying off), if no, your weakness is well on it’s way.

Functional strength may not seem important … yet, but one day functional strength will mean everything to your body.  Example, think of people who cannot get out of a chair without leaning forward and pushing with their hands to stand, their bilateral (both legs) hip and knee extension muscles have lost all strength.  So if you train unilaterally the chances of dysfunction are much less possible.  Or, come train at F.I.T. with me and this weakness certainly will not happen to you!

One of my friends is old as dirt, but this guy has been training now for several years with me.  He is consistent, trains frequently, and eats well.  He is approaching 73 years young and enjoys being injury and pain free.   I set his goal, strength.  I told him a great sign of strength is the ability to lift your weight in all three Olympic patterns; the Deadlift, the Squat, and the Press.  He can deadlift 195lbs.  How about that?!  Oh, and by the way he and his wife still love to ski.

Don’t make excuses.  Don’t cheat yourself.  It’s not too late to make 2017 the year of your best fitness and movement. You are a priority.

In good health,


“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas A. Edison