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Stop the Lies


February 24, 2013

Just makes me mad that authors and the media feel we are all so gullible. Looking over the news this morning I find yet again another ‘trend’ in fitness that feels, even promises, that in only 15 minutes a week, and 7 simple movements, you too can have sleek, lean, sexy arms.  STOP THE LIES!

In America there is no governing body to first approve any theory or idea that some author or anyone for that matter puts to paper as legitimate. Example, if I suggested that the aroma compound of strawberries would shed layers of fat off of your body … somewhere in our minds a little trigger should alert you that what the ‘doofus’ side of your brain is believing is just a trick.  Take today’s myth, ‘15 minutes a week and 7 simple moves’ … again, really?  Good for you for adding 15 extra minutes a week into your exercise program, but stop kidding yourself.  The logical side of your brain realizes the model used in the photographs in the advertisement is hand-picked to mislead you. Genetics, exercise, and diet are 99% of the truth.  There are no shortcuts to being physically fit. At F.I.T. we know that and are honest about your fitness plan.

First and foremost, all exercises are movement based and the FMS (Functional Movement System) protocols are applicable to every human body.  IF your movement, posture, or balance is dysfunctional, then many forms of exercise can make your dysfunction stronger.  So again, stop tricking yourself.  If you already know your posture is poor, your balance is bad, or your movement patters marginal, let F.I.T. help you fix the issue before spending wasting money on the ‘miracle 15 minutes a week and 7 simple moves’ fad.  Shoot, the very popular ‘Thigh-Master’ made a million dollars in less than 2 years on TV.  And, I know a lot of people who have one, wedged in between an exercise bike and their college bed frame stored in the garage all covered in dust (just-in-case you need one).

So, shame on the authors of trends and fads for marketing to the ‘doofus’ side of our smart brains!  Now pull your shoulders down, tighten up your core, and just sit up straight over your hips.  Let the posture begin!  Call today, 832-810-8010 if you are interested in creating functional fitness.

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“Be careful about reading health books.  You may die of a misprint.”  ~ Mark Twain