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Stay in the Game


November 13, 2016 – life

Just like the night the Dallas Cowboys won in overtime (in case you missed it click this link), people truly need to stay in the game.  This morning a friend told me of a story that really stood out and highlighted the importance of staying in the game.

I have a friend who recently shared a story with me about her Mother. She had just returned from a visit with her Mother, and during the trip she watched dear old Mom garden, move wheelbarrows of dirt, carry heavy objects, crawl around on the ground, and go for long hikes.  Her mom is obviously happy, healthy and still in the game.   So here is her 82-year-old Mother engaged in staying active and healthy while her significant other does practically no physical exercise and can hardly walk around the block.  She explained how he shuffles his feet (tight hips and loss of leg musculature), has difficulty getting out of a chair (weak core, poor balance, loss of hip strength), and is just tired all the time (lethargy.)  What happened to him?  He took himself out of the game, threw in the towel, accepted defeat, stopped trying.

According to Websters, Lethargy is a deficiency in mental and physical alertness and activity.  Lethargy is a state of sluggishness, drowsy dullness, or apathy.  There is a cure!  No, not a trip to the drug store or family doctor… exercise!  Look at your life; how is your energy, your alertness, your movement?

If the story above sounds like you, I believe you can re-invent you, with a-little-bit to a-lot-a-bit more exercise.  Make it fun, make it frequent, and for goodness sake, make it safe.  Maybe share your exercise time with a friend or family, like the Pope family does when they work out.  There is no excuse not to stay in the game of life.

I am lucky and get to see people in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s working out, and they indeed are still in the game.  All of my clients are amazing!  Some may be considered ‘old’ by the numbers,  but they are active and healthy  … mostly because they stay in the game.

Don’t let 2017 sneak up on you, and health care costs creep up on you.  You are in charge of this game!

In good health,


“Today, you have 100% of your life left.” – Tom Landry, NFL Football coach, Americas Team Dallas Cowboys, 3 decades

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