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So You Think Skiing is Expensive


January 22, 2012

The baby boomer generation started what today is a world-wide ski craze! If you happen to have been born between 1946 and 1964 and love the sport of skiing (or snowboarding) you should remember that skiing is primarily the art of gravity meeting speed …. FUN and dangerous! For all of you (us) baby boomers we need also remember that our bodies have changed.

Yes, technology has produced some great new gear with better bells and whistles to increase our speed, stability, and appeal. It is still your body going downhill on that proverbial slippery slope (excuse the pun).  Ice, crowds, sharp edges, rocks, or maybe that slight slip… unfortunately sometime accidents happen. One of the best defenses you can have to prevent injuries is F.I.T.ness!

Skiing is an expensive sport. Add an injury of any type to the equation and it makes the cost of a ski trip seem free when compared to the cost of the medical bills.  It’s the time of year for cold weather and for those of you who love the sport of skiing, let the cold weather work as a reminder to get into shape.  Skiing, no matter how many years you have enjoyed the sport, is indeed a sport where injuries can happen to even the most experienced skier.  With that being said, I encourage you to consider F.I.T. ski conditioning.

If you are thinking about skiing or snowboarding this season, get in shape. Take the time to get your body ready for the sport. Whether it is simply getting fit for the groomers or world class professional ski conditioning for the double black diamonds, F.I.T. offers a Ski Conditioning Program that will get you to your functional best.  So prepare your knees, your balance, your agility before you hit the slopes.  Chances are you will be happy you did.  Call today!

In good health,