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So Easy a Baby can do it


June 21, 2015

SquatNobody has to teach a baby to squat. All babies act like babies until adults begin encouraging them to stand, walk, etc. On their own timeline babies will eventually get into squat position and just be very happy to be there. That infant cannot get into that position until the hips, knees, and ankles have built up the necessary integrity to support their little bodies and then and only then, will a baby attempt to balance on their two feet. All of this happens naturally once the knees have developed stability from crawling on the hands and knees and they developed joint integrity in the hips and core so the body can be in a sitting or eventual squatting position. Nothing happens without effort, even as babies we earn our stability.

Maybe, just maybe some people demonstrated and tried to coerce their kids to crawl. But the innate ability to move comes from balance and joint/core stability. The first movement pattern for a baby is most often to roll over from their back to their front. Then, since no core strength is available they push up onto their arms, and the development of shoulder stability. From there they move to hands and knees, the first chance at balance … followed by a crawl. For babies this movement allows freedom and builds core development! All future movement is dependent on the basic joint and core stabilizations a we all develop as babies.

As we age, and we all do (if your reading this your no longer a baby!) unfortunately many of us begin losing some of our primal movement patterns and core stabilization due to the weakness and/or tension in our prime movers. If you do not know what your movement patterns are, or you don’t want to have rusty prime movers, give us a call at FIT.  We would love to help you squat your way to better health!

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