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Sit or FIT


December 18, 2011

I think that when we sit too much we do our bodies an injustice.  I have learned over  the years that we are ALL very busy.  Unlike our first 15 years of life when we had time to PLAY…well, today playtime is scarce, if existent at all.  Schools in the past had playtime scheduled, classes for play, even “recess” for play. Our metabolisms were rapid and weight gain wasn’t a concern.  Today, those programs are a dream outside a window.  And for us ‘older’ children, well, we are far too busy for PLAY.  That pesky job keeps us glued to a chair and a computer, as we pilot a desk into bad posture, a weak core, and sooner or later low back pain.  Oh, did I mention sluggish metabolism?!  GO PLAY!

For us ‘older’ exercisers, we need to prioritize play and fitness into our schedules. It will help improve our physical as well as our mental health. For the young athlete, play and exercise are crucial. In 2003, former President George W. Bush created a panel of experts in Exercise Physiology  to research obesity among 5-14 year olds.  Included in the study, was an answer to the question; does lifting weights really stunt growth or is it a myth?  The study found that supervised resistance training does not inhibit growth. More importantly, the panel found that strength training promotes bone growth and regeneration of osteoblast cells, which leads to bone strengthening and remodeling in young adults.  Exercise can be fun – ‘play’, while also improving the health of the future generation. 

The fitness programs at F.I.T. Human Performance are developed by a trained coach who has  the knowledge to work with you to correct  muscular imbalances, stabilize joints, and help you reduce the risk of future injury.  The focus on FUNctional fitness encompasses strength, flexibility, and aerobic activity to help make our movements perfectly aligned. FUNctional training is for all of us, young and old, who believe that our bodies are primarily designed to be agile and mobile. Make time for your health and fitness.  The future is FUN and F.I.T.!

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In good health,


If you don’t do what’s best for your body, you’re the one who comes up on the short end. ~ J. Erving