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September 16, 2012

Since it is the start of football seasion, I thought we would take a break from our current topic ‘Cardio vs. Weights’ and celebrate the Season … Football Season! Can’t you hear it? ‘Are you ready for some football?’ Love it! As much as I enjoyed watching the Bronco’s win last Sunday, my mind was actually wrapped around Peyton Manning and his amazing opportunity to play football AGAIN. Football can be brutal.  Many people watching him may have forgotten that this professional athlete was nearly done.  By done, I mean he was too injured to play.   

Peyton has had a great career.  He did not miss a single ‘start’ in 13 seasons! True he has ‘football’ genetics, but his success is more than genetic. Skill, strength, speed, and neurological factors must continually be developed to reach and maintain the level required to play at this world-class professional ability … phenomenal.  Let’s not forget, according to many in the sports industry, Peyton was retiring.  If you cannot play due to pain, what else can you do?   

In March of 2010 Peyton had surgery to hopefully end the pain.  His injury not unexpected for a pro football player, a herniated ‘bulging’ disc in his neck.  No need to get technical in this report; he had chronic pain in his neck.  The really bad news was even after rehabilitation the pain was still debilitating.  But Peyton did not want to quit doing what has been such a great joy in his life. Another surgery in September 2011, just one year ago!  This time with the help of functional rehabilitation and a new way of thinking, the outcome was much different.  So, as I watched the game and his movement, I could not help but think, no matter how great we want to be at anything in life … it’s all about functional movement!    

Just a few weeks ago I spent the weekend in a Functional Movement System seminar.  Grey Cook lectured on the history of exercise, the philosophy of sport, and the future of movement in our society. Dr. Lee Burton and Grey Cook are not only physical therapists and the founders of FMS (the functional movement system), but have researched, tested and worked very hard to develop the risk appraisal tool for the musculoskeletal system. The very tools used on their clients, clients such as Peyton Manning, Lebron James of the NBA, Michelle Wie of the LPGA, and the Williams sisters (well, we all know who they are), and these are the tools FIT uses.   

My wife said after the game, “Peyton was a good investment for the Broncos”. I say, “moving better, is a good investment” in all of our lives!  My point is this, injured or not, if the world’s best athletes are training for functional movement then why shouldn’t you?   

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“Motion is Life” ~ Hippocrates, Greek physician, 460-377BC.