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Salad is Your Friend


July 23, 2017 – 

Green leafy vegetables are medicine, eat them up everybody! Albert Einstine once said “the medicine of the future will be our food” (or something like that). Every so often I do meet somebody who honestly just does not like vegetables. Kids have been known to order a hamburger and “hold the salad on top”, essentially ordering MEAT with 2 sides of bread. Unfortunately, it is rather common as I have found many who really do avoid vegetables. There is an old saying “you can lead a horse to the garden, but you can’t make them eat the vegetables”, or something like that.

My wife and I work long hours and frequently we do not even get home before 7 or 8pm. Our bodies and brains are tired, the lazy me wants to order a pizza but the healthy happy me (Sharon) starts a salad. Truth of the matter is we even use the ‘quick-fix’ salad in a bag dinner on occasion. It works and is 1/10th of the calories, salt and fat in even a small pizza.

Nutrients ingested from romaine lettuce, kale, sprouts, and even a variety of nuts are so satisfying and delicious that the lazy pizza option is not even missed. As Sharon and I (she is already there, it’s mostly me) move further away from animal based proteins we have found that vegan meals are SO Nutritious and delicious and good for you. Yes, Im admitting it out loud that meat free dining really is a good thing.
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‘Go vegetable heavy. Reverse the psychology of your plate by making meat the side dish and vegetables the main course.’  – Bobby Flay