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Road to HEALTH is Paved with Good Intentions


August 9, 2015 – RoadtoHealth

At the end of my day yesterday a friend told me he mentioned F.I.T. Human Performance and my passion for personal training to a colleague and that this person was very excited, as she had taken a long break from exercising and her daughters who are both great swimmers wanted to advance in their sport too. He assured her that I had the experience and dedication for all of their goals. My friend invited her to contact me and handed her a card. But to no avail, a week had gone by and she did not contact me. My buddy seemed sad not only for me but that she was most likely letting herself down by not making a better effort to improve her own health and fitness. I assured him that even though most people have a desire to improve their health, fitness, confidence, and appearance … starting is the hardest part. Thus the old saying ‘you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink’, remains true. Beginning a fitness plan and new lifestyle is for some an insurmountable challenge.

These are a few of the challenges I often hear from people I meet who truly do want to make a change in their lives with health and fitness;

TIME –friends who have retired from the workforce and live the American dream of (cough, cough) no responsibilities, checklists, or plans … their days are usually full of exactly that. They are busy, and busy by choice.
MONEY – Personal Training is an expense and for some a luxury. My job is to teach and retrain safely. Not to mention accountability, left to their own devices most people would not work out and therein lies the problem.
FEAR – in the aging process we all find the inevitability of muscle loss, joint tension, laziness, skin elasticity, and organ depreciation. (Not as strong, body stiff, lack of energy, no muscle tone, or cannot get a deep breath or have limited endurance.)

All of these improve on the first visit with me at F.I.T. Human Performance – human performance! That is what we are doing!

There is not a guarantee when it comes to goal setting and plans as life does get in the way (every day) for all of us. What really needs to be important is your quality of life, your body. As adults we must realize that when you begin to lose your health and your body starts to run down, the road back to health and fitness has to start with you! All the good intentions in the world to get back into shape are keeping the ‘big box’ gyms with their enrollment fee and recurring monthly dues structure making millions. Right now half of you reading this have paid your monthly installment to a local or global fitness chain but will not go due to one of the above challenges. I Guarantee it! But back to my friend who told his colleague, I think he truly did want to help her and felt that this was the safe jumpstart she needed. No lifetime agreement, just honest work to get the body moving correctly in a non threatening or crowded environment. With any referral I get from my friends I always repay the allegiance with value. Each referral is worth a free session … and that can add up fast!

So if you daydream about the body you no longer see in the mirror I ask you to look at that body in your imagination 1 year or 5 years from now. Is that the body you want to live with? Let’s hope it has not broken down and lost all ability. Life is good and there are so many great happy healthy years ahead of you. Let your intentions work for you … not against you. Yes, it is hard work but anything worthwhile is!

In good health,


“Age is only a number. Keep an active life.” – Lailah Gifty Akita