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Plank Challenge for Labor Day!


August 6, 2017 – 

So here it is the 6th of August, can you believe summer is almost over! Me either, but I want to encourage us all to start an Abdominal Challenge for the next 30 days that begins today Sunday August 6th and ends on Monday September 4th. 30 days of PLANK!

For those of you who don’t know what a plank is, you are most likely ready to stop reading … but don’t (you didn’t!)

Good! One of the most popular exercises for the tummy area is an isometric exercise called a plank. No gym or equipment is needed, NADA. NO excuses!

To plank is to simply lie on your tummy on the floor, stabilize your core (tighten up or suck it in) and prepare to lift your hips up off the ground. Beginners typically start from their knees and then improve to lifting up the knee as well. There are many variations to this activity like lifting one foot, or alternated lifting, going up to the hands, or even over to the side. A plank is a plank no matter how you do it. Just remember to ALWAYS keep your core muscles engaged!

Click the link to print out a plank schedule if you wish to give it a go! Why, because with summer drawing to an end and the upcoming fall and winter (hibernating watching football) we can all flatten or flex our abdominal area to at least appear firmer, fitter, and fantastic! Who’s with me!? Sharon and I started this morning and we are going to give it 100%.

In good health,


‘Planking is the most fun you can have … said no one ever.’ – Bob Geib