FREE Functional Movement Screen - 50.00 value - FIT Human Performance

FREE Functional Movement Screen – 50.00 value

FREE Functional Movement Screen – 50.00 value

A Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a thorough technical evaluation of your ‘movement range’ to determine overall mobility and balance.

The FMS test allows us:

  1. To train your body the right away for your posture and strength
  2. Train you functionally from the ground up
  3. Demonstrate how to properly work with posture or balance corrections
  4. Reveals tightness or weakness in specific movement patterns

The FMS protocol develops:

  1. Functional movement prior to adding fitness to dysfunction
  2. Reveals limited movement
  3. Finds if your strength is insufficient to move your body
  4. Keeps current dysfunctions from getting stronger creating unsafe muscle structure with a high risk for future injury and continued health problems

We document this FMS test and use current as well as fundamental exercises and techniques to teach proper mechanics and training programs.

The FMS program is good enough for Payton Manning, the William’s sisters, and Grant Hill and is perfect for you.

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