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Strength Training Services

Strength Training Services

A Fit Solution for Everyone!

F.I.T. Training Clients

Functional Individualized Training clients, in addition to the cardio benefits, undergo an individualized Functional Fitness Screen to help determine a baseline of functional movement patterns. Clients are then trained using the optimal performance training ‘OPT” fitness model to gain specific measurable improvements  in functional stabilization, strength and ideally, power.

F.I.T. = Functional Individualized Training

A system of personalized training that uses corrective exercise strategies to help improve muscular imbalances and movement efficiency to decrease the risk of injury. This is a new state of training to help individuals achieve their optimal performance level. F.I.T. caters to the performance driven athlete as well as to those who have been physically molded by furniture, gravity, and inactivity. The F.I.T. focus on posture and balance as a primary building block benefits anyone who wants to improve their health.

Got Posture? Stand Straight with F.I.T!

  • Get educated and gain the benefits of training using cutting edge techniques within the personal training fitness industry
  • Improve your functional performance and overall quality of life by getting F.I.T.!
  • Getting F.I.T. will help you look better, feel better, perform better and enjoy a higher quality of life.

“Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being. While movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.”-Plato