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Perfect in 2012


January 1, 2012

We are all less than perfect, and some of us spend countless hours striving for the elusive goal … perfection! I find what each of us defines as perfection to be not only very personal, but also a very unique perception. Individual.  Perfect for one person, might be almost perfect for another person, and unworthy for yet another person.

When it comes to exercise and certainly weight lifting, perfect should be defined in regards to movement.  Exercise movement in the gym is  typically termed ‘technique.’ At F.I.T. we refer to this movement as mechanics or biomechanics. F.I.T. workouts are designed so that each individual can work out perfectly, with perfect functional movement, allowing for maximization of human performance.  F.I.T. workouts are to help us improve and develop skills we use every day so that we can perform them with strength, while also in posture and in balance.

Functional Individualized Training could be termed Perfect Personal Training. The moves are monitored so that they are ideal and perfect for each individual. Your height, your ability, your goal… it’s all about you!  SO our goal is to teach you how to reach your goal…safely and with purpose.  Not just for your vanity issues, but for your overall fitness.  So don’t be less than perfect, start training functional.

 In January, in addition to F.I.T. training, we will begin what we call the Whole F.I.T. Program.  This is a 6-week series of twice a week group training sessions.  The workouts will be an educational workshop style program to help people train with posture and balance.  Plus, a great way to develop the necessary skills that will help avoid potential future injuries or wasted time with workouts.

 If you haven’t already started your journey to F.I.T. ness or you know someone who wants to start the year out right call today!

 Don’t let my dog be more FIT and functional than you.

 In good health,