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Has Your Metabolism Retired before You?


January 14, 2018 –

Sometimes it is nice for most of us to think of sleeping in and not having a single responsibility all day!  Retired for a day! What if it was like that all the time, all the free time and all the money in the world.  Huh? Well it wouldn’t be very much fun if your health was suffering would it?  I have several clients that are retired and you know what they do almost every day?  They go to the gym (or better yet, FIT) to work out.  For many people, retirement is possible around the age of 65.  If you have managed your career, family, and finances effectively then retirement is possible and you know you’ve earned it!

Working towards that dream day keeps us busy and hopefully eating well.  The activity of work, movement inside of an 8-10 hour day of work , the energy demands of stress, and of course exercising …  offset your calories and prevent weight gain or poor health.  So now be honest, moving into retirement will YOU be that busy?!  Or perhaps rest a bit more often?

Who are you going to be?

Metabolism by definition is activity, your body’s internal activity to create homeostasis and maintain the functions of your life such as temperature, digestion, organ health, and hydration.  If you do nothing, and I mean nothing your metabolism is set up to burn enough calories to maintain baseline health.  If you are intending to lose weight or get stronger well then an increase in metabolism must come into play.  That metabolism/activity is by design; exercise of the muscular system, the cardiovascular system, and/or the flexibility/yoga system.  To increase your metabolism you need to move your body more!  Work out, walk, run, bike, climb, stretch, take a class … as NIKE says – just do it!

Unfortunately, I know first-hand that people often retire and begin to move less.  Both of my parents could have been alive longer if after retiring they had exercised more.    Retirement led both to a life of relaxation and lack of movement.  So sad to say that but it is often the truth.  Here is an important fact, increasing your exercise improves your metabolism and increases your energy!  More oxygen delivered to the muscles creates more energy for your body to use in the future.  More oxygen equals more energy!  More energy equals more activity, more activity equals more weight loss/gain!  IF you find a retired person who happens to have no energy then you have also found a person who has no exercise. Don’t wait to build up your energy for retirement, start today!  Your body will love you for it.

Get busy getting healthy while you’re young!!

In good health,


“Exercise is KING.  Nutrition is QUEEN.  Put them together and you’ve got a kingdom!” – Jack LaLanne