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Merry F.I.T.ness to You


December 26, 2011


So it’s that time of year, Santa has come and gone and now it’s time to make some 2012 New Year’s Resolutions!

If you are like me, or most people I know, during the holidays you haven’t been too concerned about your fitness, heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol, flexibility, strength, and certainly not your body fat!  Why, because we have already set ourselves up FOR THE NEW YEAR!  Yikes!

We gorge ourselves knowing that in January we will definitely change our behavior.  Right!?  Well, guess what.  There will still only be 24 hours in the day you currently cannot find time to work out in.  Fast food drive-throughs will continue to be open to help you, when you happen to forget to pack that balanced breakfast, lunch or dinner!  When you do finally get to the gym…will you know what to do?  Heaven forbid you waste time, or worse yet, hurt yourself.  It is easy to do.  Many health clubs bank on the premise that your (“lucky you”) enrollment fee and mere monthly  (“installment”) dues continue rolling in each month even if you forget to exercise each month.  Hmmm?!

So, January begins on a Sunday this year, 1-1-2012.  Enjoy yourself, think about it the importance of your wellness, then on Monday, let’s get F.I.T. together.  Yes, I want to make fitness happen for you this year. What the heck, why not really go for it?  SIX weeks, that is my plan! Proper nutrition, daily exercise, a few safe and solid workouts a week, lots of water, and my cardio!  Yes, this is the year!  By Valentine’s Day you will look and feel like an entirely new person.  Strong, flexible, empowered… YES, THIS YOUR YEAR.

Ok, now that you realize how badly you truly do want your life back on track?! Here are a few inspiring thoughts from some great minds;

1 ’It’s not food if it arrived through the window of your car.’ – Michael Pollan

2 ’The physically fit can enjoy their vices.’ – Lord Percival

3 ‘The greatest wealth is health.’ – Virgil

F.I.T. has your plan, and we are ready to go! Not a pre-packaged one size fits all gimic… YOUR PLAN! Don’t wait, contact us today to help you achieve your goals for 2012! Functional fitness … have FUN and get FIT!

In good health,

Bob Geib