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Mechanism of Degeneration


August 7, 2016 – 

As I’m sitting here at this computer I begin to notice my posture (or shall I say, lack of posture) and most likely you just noticed yours. Perhaps you are working at your Vari-Desk (stand up computer desk) or are sitting up in your desk chair with a neutral head and spine. Hopefully, there was no posture correction needed by you, and the rest of us simply lifted our head, sucked in our tummy, and pulled the shoulders down and back. This works for a few minutes … until we realize just how uncomfortable the correction is. My guess is that most of us are often out of posture because when we relax our body falls into poor posture. Mostly a gravitational pull due to muscle atrophy – a mechanism of degeneration – that is a process or system that is used to produce a particular result. Bad posture over time leads to degenerative disc disorder.

NeckPainFor those of you who have been sitting at a computer for decades you might begin developing upper back and neck pain. It happens due to the sitting and slumping behavior. Your low back will tend to be tight and stiff as well. Pain is not fun and none of us should not have to endure back and/or neck pain. Pain in the lordotic (neck and low back) curvature is a mechanism of degeration. Don’t be in pain, come train today!

UpperBackPainFor those of us really tall people 🙂 looking down all day will eventually start to accentuate the curvature of our spine. The thoracic spine (curve from below your neck to above your low back, the kyphotic curve) will begin to round out appearing like the hunchback of Notre Dam, if left untreated and another mechanism of degeration. Don’t be a hunchback, come train today!

LowBackPainFor kids and adults alike, if you can not lean forward and touch your toes or lower leg, there may very well be a posterior chain dysfunction of stiffness/tightness. Knee injuries and low back pain are VERY possible and rather likely. Yet another mechanism of degeration. Don’t be stiff and tight, come train today!

We have been given a gift of health and fitness, if you are losing that gift … you know it. AND when it’s gone, it can take months to repair. The kid in you is all grown up now and the gift of health takes time to regain. Stop waiting for a quick fix or for a life scare … need a heart attack to wake up or what? The mechanism of degeration is a change from a higher to a lower form; specifically change to a lower or less functionally active form. The breakdown of your body! Please, stop the breakdown, come train today!

In good health,

“A good stance and proper posture reflect a proper state of mind.” – Morihei Ueshiba