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Make Time for Health


February 16, 2014TimeandHealth

Frequently I ask people where they work out or what they do to stay healthy. Those that are making time for health and fitness are SO glad to answer it becomes a conversation.  Those that are not taking their health seriously quickly change the subject or have the ‘Executive answer’, “exercise, I am far too busy for that.  I just don’t have the time.”  I usually throw the penalty flag and turn the conversation right back to the value of health, in some manner.  Like, “how can you not find time? Come on, 15 minutes in the morning or a little bit at lunch?”

I know for a fact that medical care is very, very expensive and when an individuals immune system begins to suffer and a person becomes ill…well they usually make an empty promise to God or the mirror that it’s not going to happen again.  But, they get too busy.  Or at least did not make time for health.  This week a very intelligent and interesting woman sent me an article she read called Billionaire Fitness that I have attached.  The short version is that if the most successful and busiest of professionals make time for fitness … they must know that it is priority and how good it is for them.  Their mind, their energy, their shape, posture, endurance, and the list goes on.  But one thing is for sure, it is paramount in their day and for the quality of their lives.

Now how about you?  I know you are important and that you CAN (and should) make your health a priority.

Call today, let’s make a plan to get F.I.T. as soon as possible.  Right now!

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“Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.”    – Dennis Waitley