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Less Is More


LessIsMoreJune 19, 2016 – 

When it comes to weight training or lifting weights there a few basic principles that every client I work with must endure whether they know it or not. Under the umbrella of F.I.T. (again, Functional Individualized Training) the focus is always safety. Functional training is the premise and mission to support the goal of strengthening the body. Example, today I had a client who studies at The University of Texas and her goal is marathon running. The next client attends Texas A&M and his dedication is to enter the Navy SEALS training program. Both are the same age and were in the facility at the same time. My point is that they train differently. The protocols were completely different due to FIT principles. I ask myself for each client, every time they come to me these questions:

What is the goal?
What is the direction of resistance?
What is the mode of resistance?
What is the functional range of motion?
What intensity can they withstand ?

Over the years I have accumulated several different Personal Training Certifications and Professional designations, many of them approach training in the same way F.I.T. practices. If your program currently does not think about these principles then you should question the direction of your goals and your safety. Ask yourself?

What is the goal? Are you building strength for stabilization, strength endurance, hypertrophy, maximal strength and power?
What is the safe and functional direction of resistance for that muscle at that joint?
What mode of resistance will best develop that muscle for my goal? Is it ideal and frequently changing to promote a change?
What is the range of motion for my goal? Will too much movement hinder the functional mobility for that joint?
What intensity can that joint handle? And, is less more?

For those of you who have been here I am certain you have all noticed and used some of the hand held dumbbells. From the pink 2 pounders, to the macho 80’s that might appear nearly new. There are some very strong men and women here who can use them but unless they prove proficient with a lesser weight or are dedicated to muscular hypertrophy or maximal strength there in NO reason to touch that heavy load. In those cases I would use different principals anyhow, mixing mode and direction of resistance perhaps. Come visit and let me teach you.

With safety as the underlying goal for everyone I will often use different principles to fatigue muscles. And for those of you who have been totally exhausted after a set with the 2lb. pink dumbbells (and you know who you are) I simply used multiple training protocols or principles to reach the goal … Safely! My point here is that in many cases, less is more, less weight at the right range of motion, with the proper tempo is more effective then trying to throw a heavy weight around, that might over stress the joint …not the muscle. Again, come visit and let me teach you.

In good health,

“Less is more and usually more effective.” – Steve Jobs