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Is Late Night Eating Dooming Your Diet?


July 6, 2014

BingeBingeLook at yourself; after a good or bad nights sleep you wake up and tell yourself that “today I will be very healthy!” So after a jam-packed day of driving, walking, and working you retreat home to that safe place where nobody is watching. And the cravings begin… sound familiar? So the feeding frenzy starts! If you’re like me, one little snack will not suffice. I stop at nothing, and what ordinarily I would not consider food, I now think tastes wonderful! And after a bag of chips dipped in tabasco swirled in mayonnaise I am ready for something sweet AND feel somehow I deserve it because I was too busy for lunch and forgot to have any food between dinners last night and now. Yes, I must need this BINGE to satisfy my tummy.

So what happened?
The mind and body react badly to hours, days, or weeks of “dieting”. Food is fuel and energy. Constant low-level hunger makes you crave food. Period! Not taking about the food quality or selection, simply that if you starve your body long enough…your body will demand that you overeat when you do remember to eat.

So what will happen?
Simply put, your body will be very selective in using just the right nutrients and calories. And the additional calories WILL be stored in case your big brain decides to stop eating again. And herein is the solution, don’t forget to eat.

So what will I do when the craving starts?
Put down the food. Throw away what is left. It seems like an awful waste of food but better to stop the insanity and show yourself you are serious.
Go brush your teeth. This should stop the cravings and keep you from sabotaging your very healthy day.
Do something proactive like a hobby or chores to take your mind off of the cravings.

So how to stop it from happening?
Perhaps you know what triggers your overeating, or perhaps you are able to work it out from a past binge session. If so, talk active steps now to avoid the things that set you off and stay clear from the triggers.

  • Avoid boredom. Find hobbies to occupy your brain (and hands) in the evenings and on weekends. Get to F.I.T. Human Performance and make your body strong!
  • Get active and start moving. Walk the dog, clean the stove, and sweep the kitchen…You will be less likely to devour a candy bar if you are doing something.
  • Control your portions. Stop sitting down with a ‘family size’ bag. If your are eating more than what you can hold in one hand you are eating too much. Stop stretching your gut. Small amounts often, I say every 2-3 hours to satisfy the hunger signals.
  • Treat yourself often. Small efficient healthy treats like walnuts or almonds (6-10).

Remember the body’s response for hunger is identical to the response for thirst. Drink water, and lots of it!

In good health,


“No man in the world has more courage than the man who can stop after eating one peanut.” ~Channing Pollock