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Exercise Just Do It


August 2,2015 – just do it

Ever feel a little sluggish or desperately look for an extra little pick me up throughout your day? Adding exercise to your daily routine will give you the motivation you need to get through your day. Stay away from those sugar based energy drinks or four cups of coffee and start to rely on the natural enhancer exercise offers your body. Along with proper nutrition to maintain and build muscle cells, exercise plays an important role. Without exercise your muscles can actually begin to atrophy. You don’t want your muscles to fade away, do you? Exercise will build your muscles to become stronger and healthier, which in return will provide your body with more energy.

What does more energy give you? Energy gives you the ability to get through that check list every day. If this is news to you and exercise isn’t in your weekly routine then take some strides in reprogramming your daily habits. It will take time to establish new routines, but if you commit yourself and make a conscious effort, your new healthy habits will become second nature. When this behavior becomes part of your daily routine, it is considered habitual.

We should all be striving to get to a point in our lives where we exercise to feel great and be more energized. Once we get to this point we have surpassed the nagging side of exercise where the reason to exercise is solely to lose weight or look good.

A few very wise women recently agreed that it was unfair that I could eat pizza and have wine weekly. I can enjoy these things because my day starts at 4 AM, I hit the ground running and stay active all day. I’m not sitting in a chair looking at a computer box thing wishing for some time to get to the gym. I am on my feet more often and on my chair less often. No gimmick, just more movement. Sorry.

Find an exercise that you enjoy and look forward to doing every day. It’s really amazing how exercise can relieve stress and GIVE you energy. Start today! Do something healthy for your life and get out there and exercise. It will provide the motivation, energy, and inspiration you are looking for. Just do it…NIKE said so.

In good health,


“Throw caution to the wind and just do it.” – Carrie Underwood