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Investment tip for November (it’s your Health)


November 6, 2016 – investment

Strategically channeling your time and energy into your own health is unquestionably your best investment strategy.  Excellent health is the one thing you can own that is worth more than money.  Until a person has an experience with poor health; back pain, sore knees or feet, headaches, or maybe strength loss, they truly will not appreciate the joy of being pain free and healthy.

In November and moving toward the end of the year and the holiday season, I will discuss some strategies, goal setting, preparation, actions, and maintenance to direct you toward a healthy lifestyle and improved health.

For starters, let’s be real … none of us are going to loose 100 pounds by Christmas. November is here, so think for a moment of an achievable and sustainable goal for year end.  Perhaps ‘I will not let myself gain another pound of weight this year’, if the scale is at 180 pounds today, commit that it will be the same on January 1st.

You need to plan for success.  In the case above, diet will need to be considered, exercise and behavior will need to be changed or monitored, water intake and sleep goals set, and weight/measurement review.  That is just an idea for a goal. What is your goal?

Whatever your goal might be, the first thing to do is to write it down and then share it with someone (me perhaps) to help keep you accountable.  Investing in yourself might require a few extra hours per week, it might take a few more dollars per week, or it might come with a bit of muscle pain or tenderness.  Whatever it is, there is nothing more important on earth than YOU.

Here are a few steps to help you achieve your goals (F.I.T.H.P.):

Step 1 – Find a goal you can achieve.  Maybe there is a dress or slacks you want to wear for New Years Eve, or maybe you want to get off Blood Pressure medication, or to strengthen your core so your low back will stop hurting. I know we all have something to work toward!

Step 2 – Invest in yourself.  Buy a heart rate monitor or new pair of shoes or whatever it takes to get you committed.  Maybe hire a Personal Trainer.  For most people there is a fear of getting hurt or not knowing what to do when pursuing fitness goal … don’t stop there. We can do this together!

Step 3 – Time is critical.  Since I am setting year-end for my goal, I am asking you to do the same.  Do not wait until tomorrow; start today to reach that goal.  Make time, set aside 15- 60 extra minutes a few days a week and prioritize yourself!

Step 4 – Healthy is Happy, as you start reaching small achievable goals you will be so happy with your accomplishments you will likely strive to be an even better  and healthier you!  Remember … Happiness is healthy!

Step 5 – Picture it!  A great way to start a fitness (or any other plan for that matter) plan is to use pictures. Visualize your goals!

Now, take the first step to investing in the happiest and healthiest version of YOU!

In good health,


“Living better is the result of stacking small good habits.”  –  David Findley



Special Note: Mark your calendars for Saturday, December 3rd.  We will be hosting a FIT Holiday Celebration. Stay tuned for more details to follow!