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I Used to be Able to do That


October 18, 2015 –BeforeandAfter

I wish I had a nickel (or maybe a dollar) for every time I heard that one. Again today, a new client said it to me when I asked her to do an exercise. With the passing of time and the lack of practice her body was unable to move well and prevented her from even touching her toes. So her comment was very fitting and she certainly realized just how tight and weak she had become. Yes, health and fitness is like riding a bike. We never totally forget how to do exercise mentally, but we do lose the same ability due to lack of core strength, neural pathway confusion, excess body mass, and loss of muscle strength. We often blame it on not having the right tools, or maybe we have forgotten how to do it correctly. Without practice your body forgets. Truly the old saying ‘use it or lose it’ does apply. If you do not practice your exercise your body forgets how the safe mechanics of movement should work. Another old saying ‘practice makes perfect’ should say ‘perfect practice makes perfect.’ Once your body forgets how to move well not only is starting an exercise program scary but could be dangerous as well. Only you know when your strength, flexibility, and endurance are suffering. And only you can make the decision to regain your ability.

If you truly do not have a plan to improve your health and fitness then I strongly advise seeking professional guidance to safely start from the ground up and get your health and fitness back on track. Good news is that if your body was able to do an activity or exercise years ago then your body can re-learn how to do it again.

Remember change starts with your brain saying yes!

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“It doesn’t matter where you are, you are nowhere compared to where you can go.”
– Bob Proctor