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How Old Is Your Body?


October 2, 2016 – bodyage

Remember when you were born? Yes, a long time ago! At that point your body began the process of living; happiness, accidents, laughter, too much stress, and sometime self destruction with food or drink. Most of us have been there at one point or another. Here’s a thought to ponder … if you could look into a crystal ball and know how long you had to live … would you change your current behavior? For some, thoughts about starting that lifestyle change immediately, and for others beginning tomorrow (tomorrow sometimes means never). Every one of us know we should start TODAY with healthy habits like eating better, drinking more water, sleeping better/longer, and thoughtful decision making regarding our behavior. If your curiosity is up … I have included this little ‘age analysis quiz’.

Whats Your Age Quiz?

We are all blessed in so many ways; seeing in color, tasting delicious foods, listening to laughter or music or voices, touching silk or ice or a warm cup of coffee. Blessed beyond compare. Some are blessed with amazing genetics; one such lovely lady was 100 years old. Her daughter is a friend and has been a client for nearly 10 years now. My client is in her 79’s, and both she and her husband have diligently worked on their fitness and longevity. Yes, every Friday night is Pizza night and they live life to its fullest by traveling often and with good reason. In Africa they hike great peaks, in Colorado they Ski great peaks, and in their life they have reached great peaks. They love life and enjoy the blessing of health and fitness. Two times a week they both endure my exercise design and witty banter … and I hold nothing back. They lift weights, and they lift heavy weights. Several of my friends work out with me here at F.I.T. Human Performance and they amaze me each time with their abilities. For me, I am living a dream. It’s not just a job when you love what you are doing in life, getting to help people improve their movement and strength is my blessing.

It’s all about YOU!

I have said this before. Help me, help you. If you’re feeling like you are getting old and don’t like how you feel or look, stop waiting. The longer you put off your health and fitness the harder it is to regain. Leave your ego out of it and commit to shape up today. You can do this!

In good health


“When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no I’ll start tomorrow. Tomorrow is disease.” ~V.L. Allineare