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Help Me Help You


January 22, 2017 – 

Often my clients hear me say the phrase “help me, help you” to remind them that I am here to help you.  Help you … find consistency in a fitness plan, help you … train your body safely and not get injured, help you … learn new and efficient exercise routines and principals, and to help you stay motivated.  I’d like to think I do a rather good job with helping you and the reason is that I love my job and helping people.  I do!

Here we are already several weeks into 2017 and in previous Bob Reports I have asked you to share your New Years Resolutions with me and asked you to let me help you set and reach safe effective goals with your fitness.  Many of you have done it, reached that goal and are maintaining that goal and your health and fitness.  Bravo to you all!  I’d like to share my fitness goal with you; I want to help more people and want to spread the word about the benefits of human performance; movement, strength, mobility, and pain free exercise.  Let me … help you help me!

Many of you have found your experience here educational, motivating and even fun.  And for those experiences I ask you to YELP it for me.  If you will share your good experiences and thoughts on my YELP page it will help increase visibility and the opportunity for me to help others with their fitness goals. It would make me very happy!

By clicking the link below you can post your positive comments or story to help people who might not want to join a big box club, pay a pointless ‘enrollment fee’, or endure monthly dues (or donations as one client calls them) that are often just forgotten on your credit card.  Private Personal Training is dedicated attention without paying to heat the pool or fight for equipment and hope you are using it right.  Please, help F.I.T. Human Performance help others in the community to get FIT.


Let me know you posted your story for a healthy surprise on your next visit!

In good health,


“Physical activity offers lots of benefits! Here are eight key reasons to get active.

Decrease risk of disease

Feel great physically

Look better

Sleep better

Live longer—up to five years according to theAmerican Journal of Preventative Medicine!

Keep in shape so you can enjoy leisure activities

Avoid injury and safely perform work and home chores

Increase mental and social wellbeing

The last point is especially interesting.  According to studies in the Lancet physical activity brings “a sense of purpose and value, a better quality of life, improved sleep, and reduced stress, as well as stronger relationships and social connectedness.”