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Happy Healthy Memorial Day


Memorial DayMay 27, 2013

It is Memorial Day and I hope each of you take the time to remember our veterans, forefathers, and country by putting up a flag.  We put ours in the flag pole at the front door.  Stand up America and Texas and proudly waive your flag today!

Here are again, another 3 day weekend and reason to relax and overeat. Including me, the weekend starts with BBQ and maybe a cocktail. We earned it!  We work hard and rightully so, deserve a chance to unwind and just have some fun.  3 cheers for fun!!  Big Fat HIPS HIPS Hooray!  Just kidding.  No harm done. as long as you get to the gym (aka FIT) on Tuesday (or at least a day this week).

Let’s think about this from another point, Memorial Day … just about 5 weeks until July.

Yikes! Ok, I know I don’t want to go outside in jeans or sweatpants and a sweater this summer, and I’m betting you don’t either so it’s time to add some serious cardio.  A few thousand extra calories = a few thousand extra minutes of exercise.

See you soon!

In good health,


“The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.” – Benjamin Disraeli