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Happy and FIT Halloween


October 30, 2016 – 

Several weeks ago my wife and I went with some friends to Houston for a Houston Texans NFL game.  What a blast!  We really did enjoy our time together from 9am until post game traffic put us back in The Woodlands just about 6pm.  At one point during the game I commented to Sharon that the family in front of us kept going to the concession stand for MORE food and drinks.  The choices for food and drink were endless; hot dogs, huge taco salads, ice creams, pretzels, plates of brisket and sausages, cotton candy, and that isn’t even all of the options.

When the game ended and we walked back towards the gates, under the seats sat all the rubbish and unfinished containers of food, and every garbage can was bulging with food and drink containers.  I did not get a food photograph of this gluttony but I promise the wrappers, boxes, cups, and napkins, littered NRG Stadium.   Most if not all of these food decisions were in the 1,000 calorie range (at least)  and each of them somewhere between $12 and $28.   Oh my goodness or oh my disgust, that is the question!

An NFL game is a sort of early Halloween when it comes to eats and treats!  This month we all do get to enjoy the very fun and scary tradition of Halloween. Along with it are the decisions about the plethora of food and drink options that surround us.  Dishes of candy, plates of cookies, orange colored calories to tempt us into a month ending belly blow out.  Don’t do it, it’s a trick!

Make Halloween Healthyhealthy-halloween

Just as an example, if you are having a party or attending a party be the most popular person there by bringing a delicious healthy option, most of us adults are leaning toward that one anyhow. Check out these healthy ideas:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=995StsqOxCo

Halloween falls on a Monday this year so this is the year to break the mold of buying several bags of chocolate bars  …. try purchasing oranges instead.  Here is another idea,  on Sunday find time to do something healthy to offset the chance of the Monday sabotage your co-workers play on you with donuts and chocolate ghosts.  Offset the candy calories with healthy exercise, or skip them altogether and opt for nutrient rich yummys!    Don’t be this guy…halloween-habits

Make the first week of November the beginning of the Christmas Shape up!! Train an extra day a week and really end the year healthy!  F.I.T. can help you.

In good health,


“If you put it in your mouth, it will just go south.”   – Ray Ramono

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