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Happy Fathers Day


June 17, 2012

Father’s Day is fast approaching! Dads, like Moms, often find it hard to squeeze in exercise and healthy eating between work and family obligations.  Creating that balance is one of the keys to not only weight-loss success but creating harmony in your home life. Exercise has been shown to be a mood-elevator and stress-lifter Show your family you love them by being that healthy and happy Dad that they can always depend on. 

Treat exercise just like you would a business appointment. Schedule it on your planner, online calendar, or Blackberry. By reserving time for exercise, you make it a priority and can more easily schedule your other obligations around exercise. As you create a consistent schedule, you are also creating a habit and will more likely stick to your exercise program. At the end of the day, you are your most important client! 

At home, why not use those commercial breaks to get in a few push-ups or squats. Those few minutes you put in add up! Or better yet, take the whole family out for a walk after meals. A walk around the block is a great way to decompress after a hard day’s work, while also spending quality time with your loved ones. Make it a race and encourage the kids to try to beat you home for that extra calorie burn (don’t forget to bring your water…it’s hot out there)! 

So for all you Dads out there – celebrate the day.  It’s all about you!  


In good health,


“Any man can be a Father. It takes a special man to be a Dad.” – Proverb