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Ground Force


Ground ForceJune 26, 2016 – 

For those of you who have been here to train, this is old news but good news. I frequently talk about ‘ground force reaction’ and explain how the weight lifting you do is related to the gravity of the weight directly proportionate on the ground. The ground force is then equal to the force the earth is pushing back up. SO, if you lift 100 pounds the earth is pushing back equal to the weight or force onto it. That weight or load then travels through your joints back to the earth or ground.

Lifting 100 pounds with your hands sends that force from hand to elbow, to shoulder, to spine, to hips, down the legs and back to the floor … every joint must adapt to that load. The ground force travels between opposing forces, the weight load and the ground. All movement between the forces is resistance training or sport and should be handled with care.

At F.I.T. Human Performance you will never train the same way twice. Training protocols change every time according to ability, past training focus, pain, and/or goal. The technique, mode, load, or principle evolves with each client and each workout and the success and adaptation to the new stress improves your bodies. In the case of ground force and your own personal workout … when does the ground force begin in the hands?
Ground force would be opposite of gravity if hanging from your hands, like during a pull-up. The entire body must get challenged for overall fitness and no body parts should be omitted, training everything. Apply ground force to all of your joints by being creative and thinking outside the box. If you are not changing your principles and adapting to new modes of resistance you may be spinning your wheels. Curious? Come try your ability at F.I.T. Human Performance today.

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“To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction.” –
Isaac Newton